Triple-stack Motor Doubles Torque

A NEMA size 14 triple-stack motor option has been added to the MDrive 14Plus product line of integrated motor and drive products.

Aw 3055 0904 Ims
The size 14 brushless 1.8° stepping motor with electronics provides a compact motion control solution well-suited for applications with limited space. Measuring 2-in high x 1.4-in wide, lengths are 2-in for a single motor or 3-in for a triple motor, providing twice the motor holding torque at 36oz-in. The MDrive14Plus is capable of full (256 x 200) microstepping with a +12 to +48VDC integrated driver. Smoothness and performance is achieved by controlling current flow through the motor so resonance is dampened and audible noise reduced over the entire speed range. Oversized input capacitors minimize power line surges, reducing problems that can occur with long cable runs and multiple drive systems.

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.

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