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PLC Building Automation Connectivity Guide

Complete guide to connecting the Siemens SIMATIC S7-200 family of Micro PLCs to common building automation networks using ProtoCessor gateway products by FieldServer.

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Siemens and FieldServer have partnered to provide this detailed guide for easy product selection and configuration for PLC building automation networking.


The attached zip file is packed with all the critical setup and configuration details including:

  • Complete setup manual documenting the integration of S7-200 and ProtoCessor gateways
  • S7-200 MicroWin example ladder logic programs
  • FieldServer ProtoCessor gateway configuration utility and example files
  • CAD drawings for ProtoCessor gateways and S7-200 for easy panel layout
  • Additional ProtoCessor gateways references for connecting S7-200 to Metasys, LonWorks, Modbus-TCP, Allen-Bradley DF1 and EtherNet/IP.

  • Click here to download the complete guide. 

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