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Think of it as a HAZMAT suit for your automation system

New line of products protects equipment from extreme temps, pollution and contamination for superior uptime.

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Moisture, heat, dust, vapors, chemical fumes, cold, oil, grease, petrol, coolants, lubricants, caustics. All nasty beasties that can lead to micro corrosion that can cause distributed I/O signal corruption, neutral faults or even total failure of the system or plant. In conditions like these, premature device failures and costly repairs are practically a given if you don’t adequately protect your automation system.

Now Siemens has created a whole new line of automation products adapted for harsh environments called SIPLUS extreme. This new product line, which includes modules, CPUs, panels, housings and more, helps to protect your system from environmental hazards. SIPLUS products are suitable for industrial atmospheres in accordance with ISA S71.04 severity level G3, including simultaneous condensation. SIPLUS also meets standard EN 60721, which defines chemical active substances (-3C4), mechanical active substances (-3S4), biological active substances except fauna (-3B2), and determines the maximum pollution concentrations. With protection like this, it’s like putting all your automation equipment in a protective HAZMAT suit!

SIPLUS extreme products hum along under extreme temperature ranges, in contaminated and corrosive atmospheres, and under shock and vibration.
So what is the SIPLUS extreme product line? It's a family of I IA/DT products that have been specially designed and manufactured so these severe operating conditions will not affect performance. Special temperature-resistant components and circuit boards are coated with a conformal coating to make them corrosion resistant. Special mechanical reinforcements are made on the circuit boards so that the components of the SIPLUS solution can withstand vibration and shock.
Protection when operating in extended temperature ranges.
Temperature ranges from -40/-25 °C to +60/+70 °C (with medial load) are nowadays no longer uncommon in industry. Decentralized plant layouts have meant more and more equipment is in unheated or unprotected locales. SIPLUS extreme modules have been developed for use in this wide range of ambient temperatures. And, this means both cold start and continuous operation. This delivers a number of advantages to you:

• Enhanced reliability due to use of higher quality components
• Most products don’t require derating
• Cost reduction, as no cooling and heating equipment is necessary
• Reduced maintenance and service
• Inclusive protection during medial load and condensation

Protection when operating in corrosive atmospheres.
Extreme air pollution is common in chemical processing industry. Chlorous and sulphurous atmospheres are common in the paper recycling and sewage treatment industries. The conformal coating in SIPLUS extreme products means these harmful gases won’t have a chance at starting micro corrosion that can bring your system down.

Protection when operating in vibration and dirty, wet conditions.
Dust, dirt, high pressure water, steam, oil and lubricants easily work together to eat away at non-protected wiring, coatings, circuit boards, finishes, connectors and switches. Add vibration to this situation and you quickly accelerate the friction, grinding, grating and seepage that can chew away at components. And we all know when these units will go down…at the worst possible moment! Save the stress, downtime and expensive repairs by choosing SIPLUS. For example, Siemens ruggedized positioning motors are resistant to oil, grease, salt, water, alcohol, glycols, aliphatic and aromatic compounds. This makes them the perfect choice for process, machine tool, chemical or food applications.

Even panels and housings are practically hermetically sealed!
The SIPLUS line doesn’t stop at protecting the electronics. Control panels are encapsulated as well. This eliminates costly ventilation systems when operating in areas with high air contamination, such as sand, dust and sulfur. You’ll see improved operational reliability under the harshest conditions.

Where should you use SIPLUS extreme?
SIPLUS extreme should be used everywhere you need to protect your systems from environmental hazards, such as Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Pulp & Paper, Metals & Mining, Transportation, Chemicals, Cement & Glass and the Shipbuilding industry. How can your application benefit from SIPLUS extreme?

SIPLUS extreme. Delivering extreme benefits.
• High security of investment due to industry-specific modified standard products
• Higher productivity due to minimized downtimes
• Energy-saving and maintenance-free operation, as no air-conditioning or heating is    necessary
• Integrated automation on the basis of TIA (Total Integrated Automation) for the implementation of customer specific solutions
• Familiar configuration and tools
• Standard documentation and software (Mall, CA01, Internet)
• Retention of familiar sales channels
• Based on innovative Siemens standard products
• Long-term availability assured, even for spare parts
• Full warranty of SIPLUS extreme products, identical to Siemens standard products

Let us build a customized solution for you!
As your partner, Siemens offers you more than just products and systems for use in harsh environments within the SIPLUS extreme product line. Let us build you a SIPLUS system that completely meets your needs. Perhaps this includes add-ons, customized redesign of circuit boards, different voltage or current ranges, higher voltage strengths, increased EMC-requirements, higher mechanical strength, or perhaps meeting special agency approvals such as declaration of conformity, cULus, Train standard EN50155, TÜV, ATEX, or class 1, div. 2.

Not only can you call out your special electrical and mechanical specifications, but the packaging of your system is also up to you. Specify brand-labeling for standard or SIPLUS extreme products and choose cabinet design, color and graphics.

Don’t worry if the SIPLUS extreme portfolio doesn’t offer the product you are looking for!
The SIPLUS experts can develop new products even for low quantities. Simply send an e-mail with the part number of the standard product, your specific requirements and the quantity you are intending to order to:

For more information on SIPLUS, click here.

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