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Hilscher releases the netTAP 100, a low-cost Gateway for Industrial Communication Connectivity

Hilscher North America Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the netTAP 100, the most flexible and cost effective gateway designed to bridge the gaps between traditional fieldbus, Real-Time Ethernet based systems and serial protocols

Aw 3085 Prod1 Hilscher
Based on Hilscher’s netX chip, up to 1,000 protocol combinations are made possible in a modular compact DIN-rail mounted housing. The netTAP 100 is capable of linking any of the major fieldbus, real time Industrial Ethernet’s and serial protocols used in the market today. Master and Slave protocols for CANopen, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, CCLink, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, POWERLINK, PROFINET, SERCOS III, MB/RTU, MB ASCII RS232-, RS422, and RS485 are included for Real-Time I/O data exchange.
The netTAP 100 can be configured to be a master or slave on either end. The configuration software for the master side is an enhanced version of which is an FDT/DTM based tool. A standard USB port is used for configuration along with loading network firmware and diagnostics. The netTAP 100 also supports the use of a Muti-Media Flash card or SD-card for storage of configuration data. This allows configuration data to be easily duplicated or transferred to multiple netTAPs on a network.
Development tools are also available that allow third parties to develop custom protocol gateways utilizing any one of our stacks and gateway application to their own protocol.  These protocols would need to be based on any of the standard available hardware supported by netX including; serial, Ethernet, PROFIBUS or CAN based interfaces. 

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