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Opto 22 SNAP PAC System Supports microSD Technology

Removable Data Storage also Enables Easy Firmware and Control Strategy Updates.

Temecula, CA - March 19, 2009 - Opto 22, developer and manufacturer of the award-winning SNAP PAC System(tm) family of programmable automation controllers, I/O, and accessories, has added support for microSD flash memory cards on all of its SNAP PAC controllers, thereby providing high volume data storage capabilities, as well as new options for distributing and testing control strategies and firmware.

All Opto 22 standalone and rack-mounted programmable automation controllers are now equipped with a microSD card slot in the top of the controller that supports standard microSD memory cards up to 2 GB in capacity. The cards can be used to store process and other machine control data, which can be accessed at any time via file transfer protocol (FTP) or through control strategies written in PAC Control, Opto 22's control strategy development software. When using a microSD card in a SNAP PAC controller, users get an extra 2GB of storage capacity-allowing a greater amount of controller and I/O data to be recorded and stored.

microSD cards can also be used to update and test firmware on Opto 22 controllers, which is particularly beneficial to machine builders, original equipment manufacturers, and others with controllers embedded in their enterprise equipment and systems. These and other customers no longer need to physically connect their non-networked controllers to a laptop computer and upload new firmware using PAC Control utilities. Instead, simply inserting a microSD card with new firmware into the controller provides a convenient way to update devices in the field.

Similarly, microSD cards can be used to update and run PAC Control strategies, which again, will prove extremely valuable for those working with non-networked controllers. Customers can distribute, test, and swap out new strategies without overwriting existing ones, thereby providing proof of concept for engineers and giving them the flexibility they need to solve problems and improve processes with less risk.

By supporting microSD cards-widely available in most electronics stores and many other retail outlets-Opto 22 maintains its commitment to utilizing affordable, commercial, off-the-shelf technologies in its product design development, and continues to make automation simpler.

All SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers (including the SNAP-PAC-R1, SNAP-PAC-R2, SNAP-PAC-S1, and SNAP-PAC-S2) are equipped with a microSD card slot at no additional charge and are available for purchase from the Opto 22 website ( or through authorized Opto 22 distributors (
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