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Updated Software Tools

An updated OPC Toolbox Version 4.22 offers innovations on OPC Toolkits for the rapid development of conformant OPC DA, AE, and XML-DA Clients and Servers.

Aw 3094 Prod Softing
The update includes all necessary components for Visual Studio 2008, which includes a Visual Studio 2008 project filer for every program example, and new look to the Wizard application. Enhanced Linux support comes with the update: Debian, RedHat and Suse, all with distributions with 2.4 and 2.6 Kernel. New programming examples were added for both OPC Client and OPC Server, to demonstrate the new powerful OPC Toolbox features.  The company says the new update offers a critical mass of innovative and intriguing features that assist dexterous software engineers to design effective standalone OPC Clients/Servers or to embed high-performance OPC Technology into a target device. The new version can be downloaded at here, and will run for 90 minutes before requiring a restart.

Softing North America, Inc.

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