New Server for N2 Devices

With compatibility to N2 and N2Open devices, the new MatrikonOPC Server for Johnson Controls N2 communicates to N2 devices directly over serial or via serial to Ethernet converts such as the Moxa Nport 5130.

Aw 3095 Prod Matrikon
For integrating Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) networks with NCM’s, the server removes the hassle of purchasing and programming an NCM to OPC-enable your Johnson Controls Network, the company indicates. Features include auto-discovery for all connected N2 devices, minimum user interaction required for configuration support for all data points with in the N2 device, auto configuration, support for multiple N2 networks and support for Serial to Ethernet converters such as the MOXA NPORT 5130 device server; enabling extension to the N2 network across Ethernet.

Martikon OPC

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