New, compact HMIs have improved visibility

March 10, 2009
Razor-sharp resolution touch screen panels in three new sizes offer unparalled interchangeability.

Completely scalable in 4-inch, 10-inch and 15-inch screen sizes, these new touch panel HMIs each offer bright TFT color displays with extended screen areas. All are easy to install and you can effortlessly move from one size to another without resizing or reconfiguring screens, graphics or fonts. All three HMIs have choices for built-in PROFINET/Ethernet or PROFIBUS/MPI serial communication ports to make installation and setup quick and easy. These bright TFT displays are visible from virtually any viewing angle, unlike traditional STN color screens.

Now it’s easy and affordable for an operator to have a graphical display of how machines and equipment are running, or to graph performance and see trends in shifts, batches or continuous operations.

Hardwired devices that rely on old analog meters, strip charts, timers and pilot lights simply can’t give you the information you need to make intelligent line performance decisions. Moving up to one of these touch panel HMIs will deliver fast payback.

The TP 177B 4-inch touch panel supports 480x272 pixel widescreen. This increased widescreen area provides more usable space than traditional 320x240 quarter-VGA resolution panels. You can add additional graphic objects or simply have more clarity with razor-sharp images and text. It has four configurable function keys along the
bottom of its display.

The new KTP1000 10-inch model includes eight configurable function keys along the bottom of its display. The combination of function keys and touch screen on a single HMI enables the panel to meet requirements for many unique applications across a variety of industrial environments.

The KTP150015-inch model includes a bright XVGA resolution TFT color touch screen display. Its extended 1024x768 pixel resolution area provides more usable space than traditional 15-inch 800x600 SVGA resolution panels. You’ll have improved clarity at greater distances, or more space to add additional graphics and objects. Controller communication is a smooth as a razor’s edge through its built-in PROFINET/Ethernet port, so you can enable it to be a peer device on any standard Ethernet network.

Siemens SIMATIC HMI operator panels are a worldwide accepted monitoring and control solution for both simple and complex applications including discrete machine control, regulatory process control, remote telemetry, SCADA and motion control.
These three new panels, as well as existing SIMATIC HMI operator panels, all meet Type 4/4X indoor environmental enclosure ratings and are certified with industry standard agency approvals including cUL US, CE, and C-Tick.

Choose any of these panels for low-cost simple automation systems that require the most common HMI functionality in a reliable industrial grade touch panel. See for yourself it’s smooth from start to finish with these SIMATIC panels.

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