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GuardPLC from Rockwell Automation offers superior speed in PLC throughput and network functionality, and meets worldwide PLC standards and global standards for functional safety in programmable electronic systems.

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GuardPLC easily integrates into a standard control system. Communication options include GuardPLC Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet Safety, Modbus, Profibus, and ASCII. GuardPLC is used in applications up to EN-954 Category 4 and IEC 61508 SIL 3; they are ideal for sensing speed, direction, zero-speed, temperature, pressure, and flow applications.

GuardPLC is a single wire Ethernet solution, running distributed safety I/O on GuardPLC Ethernet while communicating to standard PLCs and HMIs on EtherNet/IP. Both protocols run simultaneously on the same Ethernet cable. Additionally, GuardPLC can control standard I/O on EtherNet/IP, such as Flex I/O or POINT I/O, meaning increased flexibility for system design.

Adding to network flexibility,  GuardPLC supports DeviceNet Safety via the DeviceNet Safety Scanner module. DeviceNet Safety allows a GuardPLC to control safety DIO on DeviceNet, communicate to PLCs and HMIs, plus control standard I/O devices on DeviceNet, such as stack lights, valves, push button stations, or POINT I/O.

Rockwell Automation offers Certified Function Blocks, application-specific instructions that can be used in a GuardPLC controller's application program. Certified by TÜV, these function blocks make application development, debugging, and trouble shooting quicker and easier. Instructions include E-Stop, light curtain, diverse input, two-hand run station, enable pendant, redundant output, and pulse test output.

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