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ControlLogix for SIL2

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 certification of ControlLogix products by TÜV makes it simpler, easier, and less expensive for manufacturers to meet growing standards compliance requirements worldwide.

Aw 3240 Control Logix Sa Fad2

Rockwell Automation did not need to create a special line of products to meet stringent SIL 2 requirements for its ControlLogix family. Sophisticated diagnostics and high levels of reliability are standard design in ControlLogix processors, I/O modules, and communication products.

Achieving a Safety Integrity Level 2 for systems using standard, off-the-shelf ControlLogix products requires no additional training and ensures that spares are readily available. Independent analyses have confirmed Safe Failure Fractions for the processors at well over 95 percent. Diagnostic I/O, including outputs that pulse test to verify that outputs are working, provide pre-emptive warnings of potential issues before they become a reality. These I/O modules also provide field-side testing for shorts, open circuits, and broken wires.

Analysis of field data confirms reliability metrics, including high Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). For example, ControlLogix components for a sample 24V dc safety loop can result in MTBFs of more than a million hours or 100 years. This same field data, when used to estimate a Probability of Failure on Demand, yields values of 10-6. Such performance sets a new standard for reliability and availability, increasing safety, productivity, and profits while reducing down time, nuisance trips, and lifecycle costs for all customers.

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