Migrate to full Gigabit speeds with Moxa's Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Moxa Inc. is pleased to announce that a full Gigabit unmanaged Ethernet switch, the EDS-G308, is now available.

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The EDS-G308 is equipped with 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports with up to two selectable fiber optic 100/1000M SFP modules for the highest level of data transmission. The EDS-G308 series provides industrial grade features needed to withstand adverse conditions, such as -40 to 75°C operating range, redundant dual 12/24/48 VDC, 18 to 30 VAC inputs, and rugged fiber optic support. The Ethernet switches have the optimum balance of speed, cost, and long-term reliability, making it easy for users to upgrade highly demanding networks to full Gigabit speed, but without eliminating your existing 10/100M Ethernet networks.

The EDS-G308 comes with an innovative power-saving design that cuts power consumption by up to 62%. The power-saving design works by automatically detecting the link status, and reducing the power usage of ports that are idle. For further information please visit Moxa online at www.moxa.com

Product Features

  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports with up to 2 Gigabit SFP fiber-optic ports
  • -40 to 75°C operating range (T models)
  • Redundant dual 12/24/48 VDC, 18 to 30 VAC power inputs
  • Relay warning for power failures and port breaks
  • Innovative power-saving design cuts power consumption by up to 62%

Gigabit Ethernet backbones have emerged as the preferred high-speed network solution for demanding applications, such as traffic surveillance, that require high-bandwidth networks. Moxa offers a wide range of Gigabit-enabled Ethernet switches that can be used to build a Gigabit backbone that connects video-over-IP equipment, Ethernet enabled devices, or other Ethernet switches to the control center. Gigabit Ethernet switches offered by Moxa include the EDS-828, a Layer 3 24+4G-port modular Ethernet switch, the EDS-728, a Layer 2 24+4G-port modular Ethernet switch, the EDS-518A, a standalone 16+2G-port Ethernet switch, the EDS-510A, a standalone 7+3G-port Ethernet switch, and the EDS-G308, a standalone full Gigabit 8G-port unmanaged Ethernet switch. Additional information about Moxa’s Gigabit Ethernet switches is available at www.moxa.com. Email inquiries can be sent to info@moxa.com.

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