Highly Accurate Rotary Encoder

The BML S2E rotary encoder is said to provide a high level of positional information for applications such as conveyors, speed control, and angle measurement.

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Rugged and easy to set up, the BML S2E is designed to be a lower-cost, high-performance alternative to standard rotary encoder designs. The basic design of the S2E consists of a magnetically-encoded ring and a non-contact sensor head. This assembly installs easily and provides a quadrature output at up to 46,000 pulses per revolution. An available mounting hub allows its magnet ring to be adapted to a wide range of applications. According to the vendor, the BML S2E provides accurate velocity and  position tracking of virtually any rotary movement to monitor continuous and/or oscillating rotary shaft motion, and delivers continuous feedback allowing PLC-directed set points and electronic cams to be established.

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