High-accuracy Camera

The FireDragon model CSFV90CC3 progressive scan camera has been incorporated into the Sightech PC-Eyebot self-learning machine vision system, an addition said to bring improved throughput and accuracy to the vision system’s high-speed inspection applications.

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A turnkey solution, the Sightech PC-Eyebot provides continuous “learning” and “forgetting,” along with the capacity to simultaneously scan a subject item for a variety of defects before consolidating this information to make a PASS/FAIL decision. The PC-Eyebot’s “Neuro-RAM” algorithm learns to inspect products just by looking at them, so it is critical that the cameras deployed are of the highest quality. The FireDragon CSFV90CC3 meets these criteria for image accuracy with a feature set highlighted by 640x480 full-frame resolution at 90 frames-per-second in 24-bit color.

Toshiba Teli America, Inc.

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