Versatile Accumulation Conveyor

The XLR slip-roller accumulation conveyor features multiple adjacent rollers across the full conveyor bed, making it suitable for multi-lane accumulation.

Aw 3339 0812 S Magstr

The XLR conveyor handles products of various sizes and random orientation efficiently and effectively, while featuring a 24VDC brushless motor to provide speed control—variable up to 90fpm. The conveyor handles dynamic loads up to 120 lbs. (60 lbs. static) and is well-suited for accumulating irregular-shaped products of assorted sizes—without shingling or damage to packaging. It uses a low-profile, modular, clean-slip roller design and is reported to integrate easily into existing equipment lines, accommodating virtually any plant floor layout. It is compatible with auxiliary devices and is available in both standard and custom lengths.

MagStar Technologies Inc.

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