Intelligent Ethernet I/O for Logix

Firmware version 8.3 for the vendor’s Snap-PAC-EB1 and -EB2 Ethernet I/O feature support for Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley Ethernet-based control systems.

This free firmware upgrade adds support for the industry-standard EtherNet/IP communications protocol, giving automation engineers new remote I/O options for their ControlLogix and CompactLogix control systems. Snap I/O now integrates into these Logix platforms natively, thereby maintaining a homogeneous environment in which new I/O implementations are simple, compatibility is guaranteed, and no additional programming and associated software costs are required, says the vendor. With intelligence built into Snap I/O, control functions such as PID loop control, high-speed counting and latching, quadrature counting, pulsing, thermocouple linearization, analog ramping, scaling, engineering unit conversion, temperature conversion, and time-proportional output can be distributed and performed at the I/O level, effectively freeing PLCs from these and other time-consuming, time-critical, or processor-intensive tasks.

Opto 22

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