Canary Advances with New Look, New Components

Oct. 28, 2008
Canary Labs announces a community portal to help its clients find new ways to drive operational efficiencies and help Canary define next-generation solutions, such as Trend Insight.

Canary Labs has reached a significant milestone with over 10,000 implementations in 24 countries, but we are not stopping there. To better support our growing client base we have launched a new website, a customer community portal, initiated a migration to OPC-UA, and a soon to be available next-generation trend module, Trend Insight.

Canary has been an early adopter of OPC standards and an active member from the beginning. Canary believes the direction of OPC as standard, will only improve the interoperability between systems, enabling the industry to increase efficiencies without costly integration constraints. We recognize the importance of the OPC Foundation certification program and encourage other industry providers to become certified as we have. As solution providers adopt the OPC standard, users will have a larger pool of certified products to ensure OPC interoperability is delivered.

New look and community

With our growth over the years, we have added thousands of loyal customers, some using our products for over 20 years! This represents a tremendous wealth of industry expertise and knowledge that we believe should be unlocked to help drive industry innovation. To do this, we are launching a community portal to foster interactions, enabling our clients to find new ways to drive operational efficiencies and help Canary define next-generation requirements. Equally important, Canary Labs is embarking on a new initiative to build industry best-in-class solutions, to further increase our value to our clients.

Next generation trending suite

Canary has never stood still from a product perspective, and as we stay true to delivering easy to use products, we have adopted OPC Unified Architecture for the Canary Labs suite. The purpose is to improve interoperability, increase reliability and tackle the security challenges associated with Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM).

OPC-UA takes us to the next level, ensuring our clients will be positioned for the future as they refresh their supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and look to increase their operational awareness by trending more aspects of their facilities.

Trend Insight represents our next-generation module, which delivers unparalleled visibility into real-time KPI’s for our operators through the industry’s most robust visual rendering solution. Trend Insight only improves upon our already advanced viewer providing more than 200 trends per chart, all configured and managed by the operator without IT intervention required.

Visit us at to see our new look, and learn more about our community and product advancements.

About Canary Labs

Canary Labs is the premier provider of historical trending tools and related services.  We have seen a substantial increase in enterprise solutions providing insight into process data for all levels of an organization and leveraging the Canary Labs suite in multiple locations. The company operates at the highest level of integrity, character and respect providing superior value to its customers. Canary has a continued commitment to develop state of the art products resulting in long-term client relationships and exceeding customer expectations. Canary Labs has been providing critical solutions since 1985 that utilize the latest technology and has shipped over 10,000 units to 24 countries worldwide, improving its customer’s processes and profitability.

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