OPC Supports Pulp and Paper Making

Oct. 28, 2008
Paper manufacturer Adolf Jass uses OPC-based systems from ABB to move data in three process-critical areas for weight profiles, sensor profiles and energy management.
Adolf Jass Papierfabrik is located in central Germany in the town of Schwarza, 300 kilometers northeast of Frankfurt. The facility opened in 2005. The mill employs about 160 people. Its “Schwarza PM1” paper machine produces lightweight corrugated paper from 100 percent recycled pulp. It has a production capacity of more than 400,000 tons per year. Adolf Jass Papierfabrik’s (Jass’), PM1 machine uses ABB’s Industrial IT Extended Automation System 800xA as well as ABB’s Measurement Control technology for measurement of basis weight, moisture, ash and color, and ABB’s gearless Direct Drive System. In addition, ABB delivered the process electrification for the entire production line. With this technology, Jass is seeing the implementation of the most advanced technology on the market. Project implementation time was 14 months, from initial construction to start-up. Visualization and operation take place on industry-standard servers and PC clients. ABB’s AC800M process stations take care of process management, drive operations and quality control functions. The field instruments are connected to the system via PROFIBUS-DP and remote I/O modules. The 800xA process management technology includes machine-based control with approximately 12,000 I/Os. The system includes 16 operator stations. Third-party deliveries are connected via PROFIBUS, Ethernet, or OPC. OPC technology is utilized to move data in three process-critical areas:
  • Actual and target profiles for weight and moisture are transferred between ABB’s System 800xA and third party systems.
  • Sensor profiles and all process-relevant data are sent to a data archiving and analyzing system.
  • All process and production quality data are sent to an information management system.
  • Actual energy consumption process data is exchanged between System 800xA and ABB’s energy management system.
OPC technology enables Adolf Jass to make critical data available where and when it is needed, to optimize prompt and appropriate decisions and actions during paper production. This is possible whether the data comes from the ABB control system or a third-party system.Learn more about ABB’s System 800xA and other process automation solutions at www.abb.com/controlsystems.

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