openPOWERLINK Now Available for Windows XP

openPOWERLINK, the open source version of the real-time communication system POWERLINK, is now also available for Windows XP.

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The technology service provider Kalycito, who specializes in real-time operating systems and all types of network protocols, has ported the drivers which were only available for Linux systems until now. The software is available for download free of charge at It includes the stacks for the master and slave side and complies with the current V.1.1.0 specification. According to Kalycito, the software allows users to quickly implement a simple Managing Node (i.e. a POWERLINK master) on a Windows XP computer. The software is based on the open program library WinPcab, which ensures compatibility with all types of Ethernet hardware.

In addition to the openPOWERLINK source code for Windows XP, Kalycito also provides further downloads: a free-of-charge configuration management tool for Linux and Windows systems, a modified Ethernet driver code for Intel8255x[e100] cards and documentation for installation, configuration and drivers.

openPOWERLINK was released in April 2008 by SYS TEC electronic. A completely software-based solution, the Ethernet-based communication protocol, which operates with standard hardware, is the first and only completely open system for hard real-time worldwide. The openPOWERLINK software package – a sample implementation for Linux systems – can be downloaded from

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