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Micro Motion Two-wire Coriolis Meter Breaks New Ground

In a major technology advance, two-wire capability has come to Coriolis flowmeters.

The 2200S is the first two-wire Micro Motion Coriolis meter.
The 2200S is the first two-wire Micro Motion Coriolis meter.
At a press conference on Tuesday, Emerson Process Management announced the first two-wire Micro Motion Coriolis meter, expanding the value of Coriolis to the wide range of applications that require loop-powered devices. The new Coriolis meters are especially valuable for upgrading older loop-powered technologies to world-leading ELITE Coriolis meters without incurring the cost of adding more power or installing new cabling, Emerson said.

The Next Step

“This is a product we’re very excited about,” said Micro Motion President Tom Moser, in reference to the company’s new two-wire Micro Motion 2200S transmitter. “The two-wire technology is really the next step in our goal to be one of the technology leaders and technology pioneers in the Coriolis field.” The 2200S becomes an important part of Micro Motion’s ELITE sensor platform, Moser said.

Micro Motion Coriolis four-wire devices have been voted best-in-class by customers based on their valuable measurement performance for batching, custody transfer, two-phase flow and highly challenging applications. The 2200S “is not intended as a replacement for four-wire technology, but really to expand the use of Coriolis to more applications in the plant,” Moser said.

Bringing forth the same quality, robust features of Micro Motion Coriolis, the new two-wire meter delivers measurement accuracy, repeatability and operational savings on a level not previously possible for flow loops with older flow measurement technologies, Emerson said. The new meter delivers +/-0.10 percent liquid flow and +/-0.0005 g/cm3 liquid density accuracy in continuous process and mass balance applications.

Installation Savings

At the press conference, Tom O’Banion, Micro Motion director of global chemical industry marketing, discussed the experience of Momentive Chemical, a $2.4 billion company that was a beta customer for the two-wire 2200S. “We were all stunned at how simple and easy the installation was,” said O’Banion, noting that the unit was up and running in less than an hour. The two-wire capability of the device enabled Momentive to save eight hours of power wiring and an estimated $1,500 in cost for conduit and cable, O’Banion added.

According the Moser, customer feedback indicates that one important feature for Coriolis users is the ability during problem troubleshooting to determine whether or not a meter is OK without removing it from service. The 2200S addresses that issue with a meter verification feature.

One-button Proof

“That’s real important,” confirmed Dino DeSalvo, of chemical producer LyondellBasell, which is using the new two-wire Coriolis technology. “The first thing operations always says is that it’s the fault of the instrument, but [with the 2200S], we can hit a button now and that proves that it’s not the instrument’s fault,” DeSalvo told the press conference audience.

Two-wire Coriolis advantages for LyondellBasell include the installation cost savings, simplified DCS connectivity and the ability to expand Coriolis benefits to more flow points, DeSalvo added.

The two-wire Micro Motion 2200S transmitter can be used with a range of Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis sensor sizes and materials of construction to deliver excellent measurement performance for continuous process applications, Emerson said. Equipped with MVD digital processing technology, the 2200S delivers multivariable and diagnostic information via HART communications for reduced costs through improved process consistency and maximized uptime. The unit is suitable for a range of process conditions and has CSA Class 1 Division 1 or 2 approvals, and ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI Zone 1 and Zone 2 approvals.
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