Rosemount Analytical X-STREAM(R) Process Analyzers

Sensitivity, range, stability, and calibration intervals enhanced.

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Aw 3548 X Streamx2 Group
Emerson Process Management has unveiled its new IntrinzX™ intrinsically linear photometric technology in the company's latest release of X-STREAM® Process Gas Analyzers. The photometric technology provides high-sensitivity, large dynamic ranges, and long-term span stability.

The enhanced X-STREAM analyzers combine the environmentally hardened packaging and ease of use, installation and maintenance of the previous version, with the added capability for up to four measurements in a single enclosure along with the benefits of the new IntrinzX technology.

The patent-pending IntrinzX technology uses split cell dual beam photometry and constant comparison of the reference signal and measurement signal to achieve an intrinsically linear response to changes in concentration. This enables sensitivity as low as 0 - 10 ppm, span drift less than 0.5% per week, and dynamic ranges as large as 0 -200 to 50,000 ppm.
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