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Safe Speed Core Technology

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster MSR57P dedicated safe-speed monitoring relay and the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750 Series of AC drives offer manufacturers improved safety control and functionality.

Aw 3583 0915safe Speed Control

Both are designed for easy integration, flexibility and performance. They use the innovative Rockwell Automation safe-speed control core technology that affords advanced safety control.

This advanced safety control helps reduce overall system cost, improves flexibility and increases productivity by allowing operators to perform maintenance and other tasks while a machine is still in motion. For example, with the safe-speed monitoring functionality, manufacturers can reduce and safely monitor the speed of their applications so an operator can safely remove jams and perform similar maintenance work without completely stopping the machine. In addition, the improved safety torque-off option helps remove the need to power cycle the drive after a demand on the safety system, thus minimizing wear on the drive.

Further, safe-speed control offers easier configuration and can be used across multiple platforms. Whether integrated or dedicated platforms, safe-speed control provides users with flexibility to achieve the level of control needed—whether in upgraded or retrofitted applications. Additionally, safety input devices, such as guard-locking switches, light curtains, and emergency stops, can be connected directly to the speed monitoring core in the MSR57P relay or PowerFlex 750 Series drives, thereby eliminating the need for a separate, dedicated safety controller.

Rockwell Automation Inc.

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