Create Material Handling Surfaces

Miniature ball transfer units are designed to enable smooth and effortless movement of small parts or components from one point to another.

Aw 3589 0809 S Skf

Serving as a multi-directional material-handling system, they create a ready-made surface over which components can easily glide for transfer or positioning. Units incorporate a large load-bearing ball that sits upon many small balls encapsulated in a hemispherical cup. Units are lightweight, compact and ready-to-install using studs. The units feature steel, stainless steel or aluminum housings, combined either with steel balls and a flat top, stainless steel balls and a flat top, or stainless steel balls and an angled top. Available ball sizes range from 4.8mm to 15mm; units weigh from 0.003kg to 10kg; and load ratings range from 22 lbs. to 264 lbs.


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