Locking Brake Prevents Drift

Designed for decline conveyors with a fail safe requirement, the EC100B RollerDrive features a mechanical rotor locking brake.

Aw 3590 0809 S Interr

The RollerDrive’s spring-loaded, fail-safe brake is designed to prevent drifting on inclines while ensuring smooth operation, low noise emission and an extended operating lifetime. The EC100B brake mechanism requires no special control, as two wires are simply attached to the main power bus. The mechanical rotor-locking break is spring-loaded and does only cycle with main power. The brake does not cycle with each start and stop of the conveyor.  As long as the power bus is on, the magnetic force created by the solenoid keeps the rotor free. During normal operation with the main power on, the zero motion hold (ZMH), an electronic servo brake, keeps the rotor of the motor locked.

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