Small PLCs for Ethernet TCP/IP

The BC9120, BC9020 and BC9050 are the latest variants in the vendor’s BC9000 and BX9000 Ethernet TCP/IP controller family.

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The BC controllers include a direct connection to I/O terminals and can be operated as a stand-alone PLC or as decentralized intelligence in an Ethernet network. All Ethernet controllers have implemented the Modbus TCP, ADS/TCP, ADS/UDP, BootP, DHCP, SNTP and SMTP protocols. The new “Compact” BC9050 Bus Terminal Controller extends the vendor’s Bus Terminal system with a cost-optimized variant in a space-saving housing. As a step up in performance, the new BC9020 and BC9120 models offer more program and data memory than the BC9050. The BC9120 has two Ethernet ports that act as a 2-channel switch. The I/O stations can be configured with a line topology instead of the traditional star topology.

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