Ethernet Switches Add Fiber Optics

The Slim Line series of industrial Ethernet switches is now available with up to four Ethernet (100 Mb) fiber optic ports.

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These fiber ports are available with multimode, single mode, long-haul (for noise-immune links up to 120 km), or other special applications transceivers. The package design of the SL-8MS (managed) and SL-8ES (unmanaged) switches makes them suitable for DIN rail or direct panel mounting in any application. The SL-8MS managed switches support all standard IEEE 802.3 protocols and offer real-time secure performance through RSTP for fast redundancy, SNMP for network management, VLAN for network segregation, IGMP for multicast filtering and more. Secure access is ensured with HTTPS (SSL and TLS), SSH, SNMPv3 and others. Both switches feature advanced intelligence and non-blocking wire-speed switching that allow all ports to communicate at full-duplex speed (200 Mbps) at the same time.


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