Sensor Actuator Interface Line

Active Sensor Actuator Interfaces (SAIs) for industrial applications are designed to provide users with greater levels of wiring flexibility for achieving modular and decentralized process control in automation applications.

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They are available in environmentally rated IP 67 housings, and support Ethernet and Ethernet/IP, Profibus-DP, CANopen, Modbus and DeviceNet. The SAIs feature standardized M8 and M12 connectors for plug-and-play installation in harsh environments for up to sixteen digital I/Os. Three basic modules are offered. A 16 digital input module that can be configured into 8 inputs with one diagnostic channel each; a module with 16 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs where each port can be configured as input or output, allowing the user to define; and a module that features 4 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs and 4 digital inputs.


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