Gearmotors Feature AS-Interface

A new AS-Interface offering improved diagnostic capabilities is now standard with Movimot C gearmotors with integral frequency inverters.

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The integration of AS-Interface, an unshielded two-wire bus, makes it easy to connect sensors and actuators to distributed control systems using master and slave topologies, says the vendor. Up to 31 slaves can be connected to a drive system incorporating multiple gearmotors. Maximum communications cycle time is 5ms for 31 stations. Maximum line length is 100 meters, or 300 meters with a repeater. It features 16 scalable speed specifications, including clockwise and counterclockwise direction of rotation. Power range is from 0.37-3.0kW. Power supply is daisy-chained from drive to drive in the form of a network bus. The gearmotor’s drive features a built-in LED for quick display of machine diagnostics and motor protection information. Each Movimot can accommodate up to two sensors.

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