SensaGuard Non-Contact Switches

When it comes to machine safety, the protection of personnel and equipment is the main concern.

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At the same time, flexibility and productivity must also be considered. Automation users and manufacturers can optimize all of these factors with the SensaGuard family of non-contact switches. Featuring the latest generation of RFID technology for coding and inductive technology for sensing, SensaGuard’s large sensing range (typically 15-25mm) and tolerance to misalignment is a cost-effective solution that is ideally suited for a wide range of industrial safety applications. SensaGuard non-contact switches are available in 18mm stainless steel, plastic barrels, or rectangular flat pack style.

SensaGuard’s LED indicators provide information on door status and faults between the sensors and actuators with illuminating red, green, and amber lights. Switches can be connected to a standard safety relay, for example, the MSR126, MSR127, MSR200/300 Family, SmartGuard, and Safety I/O Blocks. SensaGuard also features multiple actuator sizes for achieving a large sensing distance, typically 15–25mm; an IP69K environmental rating; a short circuit and over-voltage protection; and two Safety PNP outputs and one auxiliary PNP output.

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