Modem Extends Communication Speed

The S20 SHDSL Modem enables conversion of an existing copper wire infrastructure into a high-speed Ethernet network when installing a new SCADA or telemetry system, even if it spans distances previously unattainable by conventional DSL technology.

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The modem extends communication speed and reach without the additional investment of installing new communications media. A repeater capability enables communications over existing copper wire networks spanning up to hundreds of kilometers. The S20 uses G.SHDSL (Symmetric High-bit rate Digital Subscriber Loop) technology for sending and receiving high-speed symmetrical data streams over a single pair of copper wires at rates between 192kbps to 2.31mbps. Also known as G.991.2, G.SHDSL is an international standard for symmetric DSL developed by the ITU. The modem provides transparent Ethernet connectivity and supports any standard, IP messaging such as Modbus TCP. Symmetric communication also allows video and voice transmission.


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