Fault-Tolerant Industrial Ethernet I/O

EtherTRAK-2 is a redundant Ethernet-based I/O system featuring Web-based I/O configuration and monitoring, self-calibrating analog I/O, the ability to store project documentation in a quick-access Web server, and OEM-customizable components and labeling.

Aw 3779 Six E

The compact enclosure integrates the features of this product into a “process quality” I/O subsystem. With no tools required, the module snaps into its wiring base. Hot Swap capability allows for plug-in and removal of the module in live systems. SlimLine packaging reduces space and the vertical orientation forms a modular rack-style mounting for in-plant systems with large I/O counts. Two power inputs provide a means to install a second power source, ensuring continuous I/O module operation. Uninterruptible power protection supplies back-up power from a central location to each distributed Etherbus I/O module using a single Etherbus Fieldbus cable. The Etherbus PoE supply feature will keep the module communicating and powering critical instrumentation during a power failure.


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