Harsh Environment Polyester Enclosures

Polypro Type 4X polyester enclosures are intended for housing electrical and electronic controls in harsh environments.

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These recyclable enclosures are designed to provide corrosion protection, flame resistance and ultraviolet protection in both indoor and outdoor applications. Simple assembly and mounting, combined with the durable polyester material, allow the enclosures to be modified for a wide range of applications. The enclosures are available multiple sizes ranging from 6 x 4 x 4 inches to 18 x 16 x 10 inches and feature non-glass filled polyester construction. The UV-stabilized enclosures also deliver water absorption resistance for reduced swelling, impact resistance up to ten times greater than fiberglass, and are chemically resistant to a broad range of solvents, alkalis and acids. The series is available in 10 solid door and 10 window door models featuring an external snap-together body and cover, and an overlapping tongue and groove raised cover with a seamless foam-in-place gasket for a secure seal. In addition, a molded layout grid on the inside of the cover and body assists with component mounting, and an integrated rail system allows for easy panel height adjustment. The enclosures meet UL and CSA Type 4X, IP66, and they are RoHS compliant.

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