Smooth-operating Stepper Package

March 16, 2008
The RBK is a RoHS-compliant complete 2-phase bipolar stepping motor and drive package featuring DC input and many important control functions, says the vendor.

The RBK’s smooth drive function divides the basic 1.8° step angle up to 128 microsteps (0.018° step angle) in 16 selectable resolutions using built-in switches located on the driver. The third harmonic suppression function reduces step motor torque vibrations by correcting or shaping the driver current waveforms, particularly at lower motor shaft speeds. Another special function suppresses the vibration signal levels in the mid-speed range. The 4-control functions enable the RBK system to provide very smooth operation over a wide speed range. The RBK bipolar driver employs a constant current drive strategy over a wide voltage range of 20 to 75VDC. The effective current reaches 6.3 amps peak (4.5 amps RMS) per phase. There are two step motor frame sizes, with 3 models each.

Oriental Motor USA Corp.

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