Space-saving Wire Connection

The FKCN 2.5 spring-cage plug connectors and compatible CCDN 2.5 base headers offer a component height 30 percent lower than standard connectors up to 12 AWG.

Aw 3897 0803 Par Np05

The push-in spring-cage technology allows rigid and flexible wires with ferrule to be connected without any tools. The connector has a large wire entry so that it can safely support flexible wire ferrules. Wires can be disconnected using the orange actuation levers. The labeling and printing surface above the wire entry allows for easy-to-read marking. The accompanying CCDN 2.5 is a double-level, pin-in-paste header, only 19mm high. When used together, the FKCN 2.5 and the CCDN 2.5 support the trend of smaller electronics components by creating more free space on the board. 

Phoenix Contact Inc.

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