Ethernet for Hazardous Locations

Intrinsic safety FieldConnex Ethernet Isolators are galvanically isolated Ethernet isolators that allow users to connect high-speed data devices located in hazardous location applications directly to a standard Ethernet line.

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They also allow for back-to-back “pass through” applications—all without requiring any separate hardware. Original Equipment Manufacturers can benefit from a specialized PCB-mounted version that allows OEMs to seamlessly integrate intrinsically safe Ethernet into their own equipment. FieldConnex Ethernet Isolators combine intrinsically safe energy limitation and galvanic isolation into one product. The isolator can be installed in a safe area, or in a Zone 2 or Zone 1 area when housed in a suitable enclosure. Two isolators must always be used together, as combining the isolators creates an intrinsically safe link that can be routed through a Zone 0 or Zone 1 hazardous area.




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