Slim Industrial Ethernet Switches

Designed to meet the demands of customers for industrial grade Ethernet switches that minimize panel space requirements, the LNX-501A and LNX-602A lines of unmanaged Ethernet switches are 45% thinner than previous models from the vendor.

Aw 3957 0802 Iernp06

The slimmer models have 4 10/100 Copper ports and either 1 or 2 100FX Fiber ports.  Both single-mode and multi-mode models are available. Unlike the plastic housings used on some vendors’ thinner models, the LNX-501A and LNX-602A lines maintain a metal housing with an IP-30 rating. The switches have industrial temperature ratings of -10°C to 70°C. Pricing starts at $169.

Aaxeon Technologies Inc.



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