5-port Remote Access Ethernet Switch

As the latest member of the vendor’s Slim Line Family, the Remote Access Switch (SL-5MS-MDM) brings together an industrial telephone modem with an industrial 5-port managed Ethernet switch.

Aw 3959 0802 Iernp02

This combination enables integrators and plant engineers to dial into the plant from remote locations. Users can deploy the 5-port industrially hardened switch as a “plug-and-play” unmanaged switch or take advantage of the rich suite of managed switch features such as RSTP (rapid spanning tree protocol) for fast redundant rings. The unit also has a self-test/alarm output signal plus authentication and encryption features. Features of the integrated industrial telephone modem include easy and secure dial-in connections, PPP (point-to-point) for dial-up 56Kbps connections, and automatic dial-out on a trigger input.





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