Intelligent Machine Fault Detection and Analysis System used at Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods Uses Graphical System Design for Intelligent Machine Fault Detection and Analysis of Easy Mac and Coffee Packaging Lines.

Machine malfunctions, slowdowns, and other inefficiencies are problems that plague all production lines. The speed of these machines makes it difficult to isolate problems and the origins of machine jams and other unexpected stoppages are often misinterpreted by line operators and can go unrecorded and uncharacterized. One problem or malfunction leads to another in a multi-stage system, creating a domino effect and making the original issue difficult to identify. Additionally, problems may be irregular or develop over a long period of time, making it hard to determine what went wrong.

To solve this problem, researchers at the worlds leading food and beverage company developed the Remote Observer of Manufacturing Equipment (ROME), a solution that actually reconstructs the events that lead to system failure. Similar to the black box flight recorders used on aircraft, ROME is a diagnostic tool designed to support food and beverage machinery. It combines signal-data and video using multiple cameras and provides an integrated time-stamped data bundle.

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