Ultra-fast Control/Communication Architecture

eXtreme Fast Control (XFC) technology is billed as an ultra-fast control solution that is the ultimate combination of the vendor’s PC-based and Industrial Ethernet technologies. Compared with current PC-based controllers, XFC offers performance improvements by a factor of 10 and enables cycle times of 100 microseconds (μs) without having to give up central intelligence and the associated high-performance algorithms.

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In addition to highly optimized cycle times, XFC also offers improved temporal accuracy and enhanced resolution. Users benefit from new alternatives for enhancing the quality of their machines and drastically reducing response times. An XFC system incorporates an advanced Industrial PC, ultra-fast I/O terminals with extended real-time characteristics, the high-speed Ethernet fieldbus, EtherCat and TwinCat automation software. With XFC, says the vendor, it is possible to achieve I/O response times ≤ 100 μs.
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