Integrated Platform for Packaging

IndraMotion MLD merges drive functions, motion control and processing logic into a modern, open automation platform for modular machine concepts. The drive-integrated motion and logic eliminates the need for higher-level controls. Based on the vendor’s latest drive-based Motion Logic platform, IndraMotion MLD enables space-saving solutions with up to 8 axes—well-suited for applications such as carton erecting and labeling.

The main hardware component is the vendor’s IndraDrive digital drive system. An HMI from the vendor can be connected directly to the drive via serial, Ethernet or Fieldbus for a complete system solution. The multi-axis version, IndraMotion MLD-M, uses the SERCOS III interface to enable drive-level programming, diagnostics and troubleshooting over standard Ethernet cabling. IndraMotion MLD delivers real-time motion control combined with an IEC 61131-3-compliant PLC; the vendor uses the IEC 61131-3-compliant IndraLogic sequence control system in all of its controllers.

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