GE's New Rugged Flat Panel Computer Designed for Harsh, Hazardous Environments

Sept. 16, 2011
GE Intelligent Platforms today announced the Wolverine III Rugged Flat Panel Computer designed specifically to withstand the rigors of deployment in harsh, hazardous (Hazloc) applications such as oil and gas exploration and drilling where salt, spray, dust, shock, vibration and extremes of temperature provide the most challenging environments for computers.

Used for data gathering and the control or operation of sophisticated equipment, it represents a complete redesign compared with its predecessor which, with its use of GE-patented technology, delivers significantly higher performance, reliability and maintainability while weighing substantially less.

Unlike many displays, the Wolverine III’s resistive 15-inch antiglare, scratch-resistant touchscreen is readable even in direct sunlight. Its rugged design enables it to operate within a temperature range of -20° to +60°C as standard and to withstand extreme shock and vibration. Its low weight of 22.5lbs make Wolverine III easier to install and safer and more convenient to transport.

The computing platform is a COM Express® module and carrier board designed specifically by GE for the Wolverine III. At the heart of the COM Express module is an Intel® Core™2 Duo 2.26GHz processor. This, together with 4 GBytes of DDR3 memory, delivers high performance. Wolverine III also features a reduced component and subassembly count, together with extensive edge connection and a 32GByte solid state disk drive, to maximize reliability. It addresses customer requirements to shorten MTTR – Mean Time To Repair – by embracing the ATEX Zone 2 concept of user-serviceability; its highly modular construction makes it easy and quick for customers to repair, minimizing downtime. On-board system monitoring allows potential failure to be identified, allowing remedial action to be taken while minimally disrupting operations.

"Professionals working in hazardous, harsh locations such as oil platforms will confirm that rugged reliability and ease of maintenance of equipment are fundamental requirements," said Tom Behnke, Product Manager, Systems and Displays at GE Intelligent Platforms. "The challenge is to do everything possible to maximize reliability – but also to acknowledge that, at some stage, repairs may be required, and therefore make equipment as easy as possible to service so that it can become operational again in a minimum amount of time. Wolverine III rises to both these challenges."

Designed to be upgradable with future generations of processor, the Wolverine III is housed in a NEMA 4 environmentally sealed enclosure with corrosion resistance. An optional heater allows an operational temperature range of -40° to +60° C.

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