Sensor Mounting Fasteners

Sept. 1, 2011
While the decision of where and how to locate a sensor is many times not made until the machine or equipment is actually being constructed, in-house fabricated fastening systems can be expensive and time-consuming.

Users can save time and money with a universal, modular designed mounting system for sensors. In just a few steps, these mechanically rugged and standard mounting accessories can handle complex positioning tasks. Fasteners are available in plastic or V4A stainless steel, which provides resistance to industrial cleaning agents. The aluminum base holder fits nearly any manufacturer-specific mounting extrusion and fully covers the slot. Also featured are knurled support rods, which provide a secure hold even for large, heavy sensors. The system includes many accessories, including clamping cylinders, cross-connectors and sensor holders for block style and tubular sensors, as well as reflector holders and adapter plates.