Automation Applications for Tablets

Sept. 1, 2011
When it comes to viewing work-related information on tablet PCs, the evidence is clear that engineers see the tablet PC as a potentially useful tool. But what about actually using it for work? Several applications include:
  • Data monitoring on a tablet PC to view SCADA system info for monitoring equipment and system performance as well as decision-making.
  • Accessing automated work order systems on a tablet PC so that operators can scan a machine to access bills of material for an order in process, or access maintenance procedures for a particular piece of equipment.
  • Have the tablet PC function as a portable human machine interface to operate terminal services applications at multiple machines throughout a facility.
  • Use a tablet PC for test and measurement applications. To see a video on how to develop portable measurement applications using National Instruments’ LabVIEW on a Hewlett Packard Slate Windows 7 tablet PC, go online: