Compact Control Solution for DC Powered Temperature Control

Aug. 24, 2011
engenity, LLC announces the release of SoliStat™ 2-10, a compact, one-piece temperature control product for use in direct-current-powered heating and cooling applications.

The patent-pending SoliStat has been developed to address the shortcomings of traditional temperature control solutions in low-voltage, off-grid and mobile applications. SoliStat is an On/Off control that integrates the basic components of a temperature control system—calibrated temperature sensor, microprocessor-based control block and high-current switch—in a single package occupying a volume less than 2.5 cubic inches. Unlike ordinary bi-metal thermostats, which are typically capable of handling maximum currents of 2 A D.C. or less, SoliStat 2-10 can handle up to 10 A D.C. Designed to operate over the full-automotive temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, SoliStat is the only one-piece temperature control product that guarantees reliable, accurate (±1.1°C) setpoints at temperatures below freezing with hysteresis as low as 2.8°C. SoliStat will operate on supply voltages ranging from 6 V DC to 24 V DC, is available with a low-power standby option and carries an IP65 rating.SoliStat 2-10 is available now. A 20 A version, SoliStat 2-20, will be available in October, 2011.

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