IEC Contactors and Overloads

Aug. 22, 2011
Carlo Gavazzi is proud to introduce its new complete range of IEC contactors, overloads and accessories.
The CC Series Contactors are available in eight frame sizes, ranging from 25 to 900Amps AC1 (up to 600 Hp at 480VAC). Contactors are available with a wide selection of AC and DC coil voltages, choice of screw or lug terminals on larger contactors, dual coil terminals for easy looping and at least one set of auxiliary contacts. The contactor's coil is easily changed in the event an emergency shipment with a non-standard voltage is required. There are also new mechanical interlock units for reversing contactor sets, which also includes auxiliary contacts for electrical interlocking. Matching GT Series Bimetallic Thermal Overloads provide class 10 trip protection for motor loads. Standard features include a set of auxiliary contacts, test button and manual or automatic reset direct mounting or optional separate mounting bracket. More advanced motor protection is available with CGE Series of electronic (overload) motor protection relays. The new CC Series Contactors were designed to complement Carlo Gavazzi's existing line of GMS Manual Motor Starters. Direct link adapters and rigid back plates provide a seamless means of connecting the 9 through 100Amp CC Series Contactors to the GMS Series Manual Starters. All CC Series Contactors and GT Series Overloads have a two year warranty, are UL and cUL listed, with CSA (elevator application) approval pending. Features include:  3 or 4-phase contactors and overloads for motor, heater and lighting control  IEC AC3 ratings ranging from 9 to 800Amps  UL resistive rating ranging from 25 to 900Amps   UL motor rating ranging from 5 to 600 Hp  At least one set of auxiliary contacts on all contactors and overloads  Screw terminals are standard, with lug terminals offered as an option on 50 to 800Amp sizes  Wide range of AC and DC coil voltages  Coils with dual terminals  Optional cover for contactor test button  Mechanical interlocks with auxiliary contacts  Bus bars for reversing most contactor combinations  Direct link and back plates for connecting 9 to 100Amp contactors to manual motor starters  UL and cUL listed products with CSA elevator duty rating (pending) on some of the sizesCarlo Gavazzi Inc. -

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