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IT Hardware: 40G Backplanes for AdvancedTCA Boards

Pentair Technical Products announces Schroff 40G backplanes for AdvancedTCA.

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These backplanes provide higher data transfer rates to support next-generation processing requirements and to meet growing customer demand for higher data throughput, without increasing costs. An AdvancedTCA backplane provides point-to-point connections between AdvancedTCA boards (also called a blades) and does not use a data bus. AdvancedTCA is a specification used primarily for next-generation, "carrier grade" communications equipment, but has recently expanded its reach into more ruggedized manufacturing applications.

With continuing advances in technology and the move to multi-core processors, the processing power of AdvancedTCA blades has increased dramatically. The higher processing power requires the redesign of the infrastructure supporting the processors. The Schroff 40G backplanes are made from improved FR4 material and support the most current high-speed data transfer rates. By combining cost-efficiency with superior signal integrity, these backplanes offer faster point-to-point connection between boards for enhanced internal and external communications.

"Schroff provides our customers with the most advanced high-speed technology at the lowest cost," said Nate Haack, North American Category Manager. "By achieving high-speed capacity without using expensive laminate material, we can offer the same cost-effective standard series for 40G and non-40G applications." Haack added, "With our expertise in high-speed backplane design, we use the same routing strategies with multiple high-speed backplanes, providing not only 40G backplanes for AdvancedTCA, but also high-speed backplanes that are compatible with MicroTCA, CPCI Serial and VPX platforms."

The backplane’s fabric channels consist of four ports, each with a 10G transfer rate per signal pair, providing an ideal solution for telecom and datacom applications. Additional industries that could benefit from the high-speed performance include defense as well as video broadcasting and processing.

Schroff AdvancedTCA systems, featuring a 40G backplane, offer numerous features designed to make them particularly effective and easy-to-use:

•  System availability of at least 99.999 percent
•  Redundancy to ensure the highest failure safety
•  Hot-swap capability for uninterrupted operation
•  High-speed transfer; system data throughput up to 10 Tb/s
•  Proven performance of backplane pairs of 10.3125 Gb/s

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