6 mm-wide Universal Signal Conditioner

Aug. 9, 2011
WAGO Corporation's 857-402 JUMPFLEX® Universal Signal Conditioner (USC) supports 456 signal combinations with exclusive input voltage range and self-resetting fuse.

Unlike competitive 12.5mm devices, the 6mm USC offers class-exclusive signal clipping and freely scalable voltage input range - ±60mV to a segment-leading ±200V. Current input range is ±0.3 mA to ±100mA.

DIP switch configurable, the USC's 456 signal combinations maintain precise, constant values - even after reconfiguration - via factory-calibrated, laser-capable resistors. 857-402 replaces the traditional screw potentiometer with an innovative, vibration-proof Momentary Rocker-style Switch (MRS). The MRS has no end/stop point for signal settings/adjustments and provides scalability across entire measurement range.

857-402's Auto-reset Fuse protects current input against overloads without impacting input value; fuse automatically resets after overload removal.

The USC's signal clipping feature safeguards PLCs by switching between limiting and analog behavior. Ex: if a transducer's input exceeds 20mA, the output signal is clipped at 20mA. This ensures output will continue functioning properly, preventing errors.

857-402 incorporates JUMPFLEX® hallmark features, including: flexible color-coded, push-in jumpers, jumper slots at every connection point, a single marking tag holder, ribbon cable interface adapter, 3 way 2.5kV isolation and CAGE CLAMP®S termination technology. The USC's operating temperature range is -25°C to +70°C.

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