Hybrid Relays

Aug. 3, 2011
Carlo Gavazzi is proud to announce our new generation of economically friendly switching devices, the RMD Hybrid Relays.

This product provides a mercury-free switching solution, ideal for controlling heating element inside of food ovens, warmers, fryers, rotisseries and other food equipment. They are one of the few products of their type available on the market which is capable of switching up to 20 cycles per minute, with a 4 million electrical cycle life expectancy.

The RMD Series combines the benefits of solid state technology and electromechanical relays to provide a hybrid relay, which is an optimal solution. This means that there is virtually no contact arcing, which results in prolonged relay life and much less emission inside of the panel. Another benefit of hybrid technology is a full amperage rating at elevated operational temperatures. While most conventional switching devices are rated at 25°C or 40°C, the RMD Hybrid Relays are fully rated up to 60°C. The RMD3H switches heaters on three legs while the RMD2H is a lower cost alternative, as it switches two poles and the third pole is directly connected between L2 and T2. Some of the technical features include:

•  Two (for single and three phase circuits) and three pole arrangements
•  Rated for 4 million electrical cycles
•  Rated for up to 20 cycles per minute
•  Two output voltage ratings:
•  240VAC (VL-L)
•  277VAC (VL-N - 480VAC with Neutral)
•  Three common control voltages: 24VAC, 120VAC, 240VAC
•  Two amperage ratings:
•  30A up to 70°C
•  40A up to 60°C
•  Similar mounting to Mercury Displacement Contactors
•  Mercury-free, RoHS compliant, cRUus recognized

The RMD Series are mercury free and cRUus recognized, giving assurance of high quality and safety. They are available from Carlo Gavazzi's network of sales offices, distributors or www.GavazziOnline.com.

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