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Single Phase Energy Devices

Carlo Gavazzi is proud to introduce its new compact EM10 and EM 11 Series Energy Meters.

Aw 6733 1110 Carlo Gavazzi

The EM10 Series is an innovative single-phase energy meter which monitors 120 or 230VAC. It provides a cost effective solution for most metering applications, allowing an effective energy measurement without the need for an external current transformer. This ultra-compact device can easily be interfaced with a PLC, thanks to its optional pulse output (1 Wh resolution). It is ideal for use in public buildings, offices, condominiums, apartments and in most facilities that require energy cost sharing and the metering of common loads. The main technical features of the EM10 Series include:

  Self power supply: One-phase 120 or 230VAC Class B, in compliance with EN50470-1-3
  Readout: 5+1 digit
  Direct connection up to 32A
  90 x 67.5 x 17.5mm (HxWxD mm) 1-DIN module
  1 pulse output on request (1000 pulses/kWh)
  IP40 protection degree

The EM11 Series is also a 120 or 230VAC single-phase device, which provides information concerning the status of the power supply, in conjunction with energy measurement. It is the ideal solution for any application requiring a power analyser to display and control the main energy supply. It prevents line overload conditions by switching off selected non-priority loads through it's alarm output. It is an irreplaceable instrument to control and limit power before a shutdown of the entire electrical system occurs. It is also suitable for metering most commercial and industrial applications. The main technical features of the EM11 Series include:

  Self power supply: One-phase 120 or 230VAC
  Class B, in compliance with EN50470-1-3, Class 2 (kvarh) in compliance with EN62053-23
  Direct connection up to 32A
  Accuracy ±0.5 RDG (current/voltage)
  90 x 67.5 x 17.5mm (HxWxD) 1-DIN module
  Instantaneous variables: V, A, W, W dmd, W dmd max, var, PF, Hz
  Single phase variables: VLL, VLN, A, VA, W, var, PF
  Energy measurements: total kWh and kvarh, 5+1 digit
  1 pulse or 1 alarm output on request
  IP40 protection degree

The EM10 and EM11 Series Energy Devices are UL and cUL listed, and available from CARLO GAVAZZI's North American network of sales offices, distributors or

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