New Software Supports Vision Sensors

Oct. 24, 2011
Red Lion Controls announces that their Crimson® 3.0 software platform is now compatible with Banner Engineering's iVu® Plus TG vision sensors.

The new iVu driver, available in Crimson 3.0’s most recent release, joins a list of over 200 serial and Ethernet communications drivers included with Red Lion’s acclaimed programming software and available on the diverse offering of Red Lion data management products including G3 Series HMIs, Modular Controller and Data Station Plus.

Integrating Crimson 3.0 with Banner’s iVu Plus TG enables users to display vision sensor operation and perform commissioning and operation via Red Lion G3 Series HMIs, Modular Controller or Data Station Plus. Utilizing the intuitive touchscreen interface featured on G3 Series 8", 10" and 15" HMIs provides users with the ability to visualize image outputs and direct iVu Plus TG operation remotely.

"Red Lion’s programming software and complete line of data management products provide the highest level of connectivity and compatibility," said Jesse Benefiel, Red Lion Interface Products Manager. "Each interface product we manufacture is complete with multiple protocol conversion, allowing machine operators to effortlessly integrate Banner’s iVu Plus TG with our G3 Series HMIs, Modular Controller or Data Station Plus as well as with virtually any PLC, PC or SCADA system simultaneously—streamlining communication efficiency and production management."

Additionally, for enhanced data visibility and accessibility, interfacing iVu Plus sensors with HMIs and other management tools enables users to apply the built-in, data-logging capabilities inherent in Red Lion products to inspection applications. Users can record and export data from the iVu Plus, storing it in an IT-friendly, CSV file format, so data can be viewed easily through universal desktop programs, such as Microsoft Excel.

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