Easily add I/O and HMI to existing EtherNet/IP systems

Oct. 4, 2011
Advantech's line of EtherNet/IP products for your EtherNet/IP systems.
Advantech's line of EtherNet/IP products include the ADAM-6100EI series of Remote I/O Modules, the APAX-5000 series of Remote I/O with the APAX-5072 EtherNet/IP Communication Coupler, and the WebOP series of Industrial Operator Panels. The ADAM-6100EI remote I/O modules offer cost effective low I/O density drops that are easily added to an existing EtherNet/IP installation. When more I/O density is needed, while IP addresses are limited, the APAX-5072 offers a single IP address solution that can extend to multiple additional remote I/O drops on Ethernet but sharing the same IP address. The WebOP offers a very cost effective and simple HMI with all of the basic features every EtherNet/IP based application needs. The enhanced WebOP with EtherNet/IP features new widescreen hardware, support of multiple protocols including EtherNet/IP in a single application, and Internet browser access to the HMI application.More information, specs, and photos